Kinda Co. Olive Wood Logo Board

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Why not take your cheeseboard to the next level with our beautiful Kinda Co. engraved cheeseboards.

Each cheeseboard is handmade in the UK from sustainably sourced olive wood, with the Kinda Co. label etched into the bottom right corner. Every board is formed of one piece of wood, and has it's own beautiful + unique grain pattern. 

We searched for a long time to find the perfect boards for our cheese and are so happy that we found another ethical small business to source them from. All of the wood used to make these boards is from very old olive trees that are no longer producing fruit. The trees are bought from the from the farmers, rather than being discarded, and this ensures that the farmers are able to reinvest in new trees and that the beautiful wood is put to use. 

Each board measures approx 20 x 16cm.

Customer Reviews

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Natalie Pulfer
Perfect board to go with perfect cheeze

I’ve wanted a cheeze board for a while and when I made my Christmas cheeze order and saw Kinda Co did this lovely logo cheeze board I knew it was for me. It looks so elegant and looks lovely on the table with my olive, salsa and hummus dishes too. I loved the sustainability of the board and it’s unique look. Would make a lovely gift for someone. I kept mine for ALL me 😀 Thank you Kinda Co !

mya hobson
cheese board

outstanding quality