If you have a question that isn’t answered below then please email us hello@thekindaco.com and we’ll get back to you!

Christmas FAQs

Can I delay my order and have it delivered on a certain date/right before Christmas? 

Unfortunately we can't delay any orders, or allow specific delivery dates, as this causes difficulties with stock availability. By dispatching your order sooner we can ensure that your cheese is in stock at this busy time of year. Rest assured all cheese will have use by dates well into the new year and all block cheeses can also be frozen.

When will my cheese arrive if I place a pre-order? 

We will be sending our Christmas pre-orders to arrive on 5th and 6th of December. 

Why are you sending out pre-orders so early!? 

Because we want to ensure you receive your cheese! If you were with us last year you'll know the complete nightmare we had with delayed parcels due to the knock on effects of the postal strike (Ellie still has nightmares about the DPD depot).

Even without a postal strike the delivery networks are so busy in the lead up to the 25th that they struggle to deliver and we want to get your cheese safely to you. This ensures we can get it to you nice and early while things are running smoothly so you (and we) can relax knowing your Christmas cheeseboard is delivered and ready to be devoured!

Will the cheese be ok until Christmas? What's the shelf life? 

All of your Christmas cheese will have use by dates well into 2024 so there's absolutely no worries there.

I don't have space in my fridge to store it/ I'm worried I'll eat all the cheese before Christmas day!

All our block cheeses can be safely frozen, so if you like you can freeze them until you want to eat them. Simply defrost in the fridge overnight. 

I don't like one of the cheeses in the Christmas bundles, can I make my own? 

Yes absolutely! To make a custom Christmas bundle simply add the Custom Christmas Pre-order item to you basket and then whatever cheeses, crackers and chutney you would like and it will all be delivered together with the other pre-order bundles. 

Can I swap out one of the cheeses in the bundles? 

Unfortunately we can't make any changes to the set bundles, but we've given you the option to make your own custom bundles, as explained above, so you can choose all your favourites. 

Are you making any Limited Editions this year? 

Absolutely! We are making a very limited amount of Garlic + Chive Roules which are available to pre-order only, PLUS Rosemary, Garlic + Black Pepper is back as well as our Christmas classic Cranberry

Can I place an order to be delivered closer to Christmas? 

Our online shop will remain open in December so please place your order as usual for a delivery closer to Christmas. As this is our busiest time stock availability will vary, and pre-ordering is the only way to guarantee you'll be able to order all your favourite cheeses. Please note that order delivery dates cannot be delayed unless it is a pre-order.

My plans have changed, please can I get my cheese delivered to a different address?

Of course! Simply drop us an email and let us know the new address. 

 If you have any other questions about Christmas cheese please email us hello@thekindaco.com and we’ll get back to you!


Talk To Me About Allergens…

All of our vegan cheeses are made using nuts, mostly cashews and almonds, and are therefore not suitable for those with a nut allergy. 

We also use miso, containing soy, in some of our cheeses. We do however have a variety with no soy! So if you are soy free then Truffle, Smoked Farmhouse, Garlic and Herb, Lemon and Dill, Nacho, Mozzarellie and Greek are all suitable for you to try.

Some of our cheeses contain flavourless coconut oil. The two products we make without coconut oil are Italian Style and Nacho Dip

Although our cheeses do not contain gluten we are not ‘coeliac certified’ so cannot officially advertise our cheeses to be safe for consumption for those with Coeliac Disease. 

You can find the nutritional and allergen information for each of our cheeses on their individual product listings on our online shop. Click here!

I’m Pregnant, is it safe to enjoy your cheese?

We have checked in with medical professionals before and have never received a certifiable answer so we can’t say for definite. However we are aware that the aspects that make soft dairy cheese unsafe for pregnant women are the animal ingredients and cultures used. Obviously as a vegan company we can guarantee that our products are dairy free but it would be your choice as to how you / your medical support team interpret and as to what they recommend for consumption. 


Do You Ship Outside the UK?

Unfortunately we are unable to ship outside of mainland UK as our cheeses need to stay chilled and be delivered in a 24hr window of time. We do however have a delicious online cheese making course that may be of interest to you:



Do I store Kinda Co. cheese in the fridge?

Yes absolutely. They like to be kept cold!


How long is the shelf-life?

Our new packaging means that, unopened, our cheeses all have around a 10 week shelf life depending on the product. We make our cheese fresh each week and aim to give as long a shelf life as possible. Once opened we recommend you enjoy our cheese within 4 days.


Can You Freeze Cheese? 

All of our block cheeses can be frozen. Simply freeze on day on day of delivery and consume within 6 months. Defrost overnight in the fridge before eating. Our jar cheeses can also be frozen but we recommend you exercise caution when placing glass in the freezer as the temperature drop can cause glass to shatter.


Do any of your cheeses melt?

All of our block cheeses will also go soft and oozy when cooked in a cheese toastie or similar. The block cheeses also work perfectly when added to a creamy sauce or stirred into mashed potato.

You can even make a quick + easy pasta sauce simply by melting any of our block cheeses straight into hot pasta, reserve a few tablespoons of pasta water to add back into the pan and give everything a good mix to melt the cheese, delicious!


I’d like some Kinda Co. cheese for a special event, do you do custom orders?

Yes, we love making cheese for a special occasion! Whether it’s a selection for a wedding or an extra large wheel of cheese for a birthday, just drop us an e-mail to hello@thekindaco.com and we can have a chat about what you would like.



When we receive supplies in the post we will recycle everything that we can but anything that we can’t recycle we try to reuse, for example we get sent a lot of bubble wrap which we reuse when packaging our own deliveries. 

We love to hear suggestions of how we can improve and if you have anything environment or sustainability related that you’d like to chat to us about then please drop us a line!


I’ve placed an order, when will I receive my vegan cheese?

We currently send out orders via a next day delivery service on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. You will receive an email from us once your order has been dispatched. Please carefully check your address and postcode on your order confirmation email to make sure they're correct.


What packaging do you use for your vegan cheeses and is it recyclable?

We are always looking to improve our packaging and improve the sustainability of our products. 

The paper lined sheets that we previously used to wrap our cheese were not recyclable (as they were lined with plastic to keep the cheese fresh) and this was something we wanted to change and improve.  

We spent a year and a half researching different packaging options, including testing home compostable and ‘bio’ plastics. We also surveyed our customers asking about their recycling and composting habits, to ensure that we are offering the most responsible and practical packaging solution for everyone. 

We found that the vast majority of our customers were regularly recycling their waste, but only a handful were regularly composting, either at home or through their local authority. 

Furthermore, our research into eco plastics found that if they aren't properly composted they can release harmful gases into the atmosphere, and most people don’t have access to the proper infrastructure (i.e. councils offering industrial composting) to allow these materials to decompose as advertised. Therefore we started exploring the best way to make our packaging fully recyclable. 

Our new packaging is 100% curbside recyclable, the tray contains 85% already recycled content and the cardboard is FSC registered. The new packaging also gives our cheese a much longer shelf life which in turn reduces food waste too - hurrah!

It’s been a long journey and it turns out that safe, responsible packaging is a very complicated business so please know that moving to plastic wasn’t a decision we made lightly. However, overall, we think it’s a step in the right direction and will continue to look for evolving and improving options moving forward.


What packaging do you use to send out the orders? 

All our parcels are sent out using special insulated chilled packaging to ensure your vegan cheese arrives nice and chilled. We source biodegradable and recyclable options wherever possible. The box, paper tape and paper insulation are all recyclable. The paper liners can be recycled with cardboard and paper. The ice packs can either be reused or you can drain the non-toxic contents and recycle the plastic liner.


Do you offer a sample pack of your vegan cheeses?

I'm afraid that we don't offer a sample pack at the moment. However it's definitely something we'd like to be able to offer in the future!