If you have a question that isn’t answered below drop us a message and we’ll get back to you!

Allergen Info:

All of our vegan cheeses are made using nuts, mostly cashews and almonds, and are therefore not suitable for those with a nut allergy. We also use miso (containing soy), and mustard in some of our cheeses. Please contact us in the first instance if you are not sure whether you can enjoy our products and we can help advise you.


Do any of your cheeses melt?

Our Mozzarellie bubbles and melts if you place in under the grill, and so is delicious for cheese on toast. All of our block cheeses will also go soft and oozy when cooked in a cheese toastie or similar. The block cheeses also work perfectly when added to a creamy sauce or stirred into mashed potato.

You can even make a quick + easy pasta sauce simply by melting any of our block cheeses straight into hot pasta, reserve a few tablespoons of pasta water to add back to the pan and give everything a good mix to melt the cheese, delicious!


I’d like some Kinda Co. cheese for a special event, do you do custom orders?

Yes, we love making cheese for a special occasion! Whether it’s a selection for a wedding or an extra large wheel of cheese for a birthday, just drop us an e-mail to hello@thekindaco.com and we can have a chat about what you would like.


Where can I come to try your vegan cheese?

Have a peek at our events page - all our upcoming events are posted there + we always have lots of samples! Hope to meet you soon!


Do I store Kinda Co. cheese in the fridge?

Yes absolutely. They like to be kept cold!


How long is the shelf-life?

Our cheeses all have between 10 days to 4 weeks depending on the product. We make the cheese fresh each week and aim to give as long a shelf life as possible. We are very conservative on use-by dates as we don’t use any preservatives and the result is a natural product. Furthermore all of our block cheeses can be frozen, they freeze perfectly and can be defrosted in the fridge.


What’s your policy on the environment and using plastic?

In short we love the environment and hate plastic! From the start we have tried to do everything we can to avoid using plastic in our packaging. When we receive supplies in the post we will recycle everything that we can but anything that we can’t recycle we try to reuse, for example we get sent a lot of bubble wrap which we reuse when packaging our own deliveries.

We love to hear suggestions of how we can improve and if you have anything environment or sustainability related that you’d like to chat to us about then please drop us a line!


Where can I find the nutritional information and ingredients used in your vegan cheeses?

You can find the nutritional and allergen information for each of our cheeses on their individual product listings on our online shop. Click here!

Why is your shipping expensive?

Our shipping costs are as follows:

Postage is £4.99 for orders

Postage is free for orders over £60

<< In response to your feedback we are currently trialling a lower shipping cost of £4.99 for all orders. We are so confident that you will enjoy our cheeses that we are testing out absorbing more of the postage cost ourselves, in the hope that once you have tried our products, you will buy from us again (and maybe even tell your friends!) >>

To keep our cheese cold we send all of our products in special chilled packaging, with an icepack and use an overnight courier service to ensure they arrive to you nice and cold. It is quite expensive to send chilled products as the packaging, and the overnight service are both quite costly, and as a small company we don’t get the great discounts of large companies like Amazon and cannot afford to absorb the cost of smaller orders. We subsidise all of the shipping costs otherwise it would cost customers almost £10 per parcel. We are able to absorb more of the cost for larger orders which is why shipping is reduced for orders over £20 and is free for orders over £60. We make zero profit from shipping costs.

Additionally we choose to use environmentally friendly options for all our packaging wherever possible and this is always the most costly option, unfortunately.


I’ve placed an order, when will I receive my vegan cheese?

We send out orders every Wednesday on an overnight delivery service. If you place your order before 8am on Wednesday you will receive your vegan cheese package the very next day on the Thursday. If you miss that cut off your parcel will be sent out the following week.

We are currently working on a next day delivery service no matter what day you place your order. Hopefully this service will be available very soon!


What packaging do you use for your vegan cheeses and is it recyclable?

We use a mixture of glass jars and lined paper sheets for our vegan cheeses. We also use paper labels, to reduce and plastic on our products. Unfortunately the paper we use to wrap the block cheese isn't recyclable currently - it's something we're working on as we try to use eco friendly packaging wherever possible. Sadly, many of the eco friendly alternatives do not preserve the cheese as well resulting in more food waste, so it's something we've had to compromise on while we search for a better alternative.

We are very excited to be trialing home compostable and fully recyclable packaging for our block vegan cheeses, so hopefully this is something we will be introducing in the near future!


What packaging do you use to send out the orders?

All our parcels are send out using special insulated chilled packaging to ensure your vegan cheese arrives to you nice and chilled. We source biodegradable/ recyclable options wherever possible. The box, paper tape, paper insulation and plastic covering are recyclable and the recycled denim filling (the blue padding) can either be recycled with textiles or it's also compostable. The paper liners can be recycled with cardboard and paper. The icepacks can either be reused or you can drain the non-toxic contents and recycle the plastic liner.

Due to the current situation with Covid-19 there is a nationwide shortage of cardboard boxes and our usual supply of recyclable insulated packaging. As a result, from time to time, we might have to use different chilled packaging such as foil liners to keep your orders chilled. These aren’t recyclable but if you would like to return these to us we are more than happy to reuse them.


Do you offer a sample pack of your vegan cheeses?

I'm afraid that we don't offer a sample pack at the moment as everything is hand wrapped and it's not feasible for us to wrap or jar smaller amounts, when we have limited time with a very small team. However it's definitely something I'd like to be able to offer in the future!