Learn Vegan Cheesemaking: Pick Up A New Skill In 2023

Learn Vegan Cheesemaking: Pick Up A New Skill In 2023

Thankfully for vegan cheese lovers, there are more plant-based cheeses on the market than ever. But the thing is, they can be expensive - more than dairy cheese - and with intimidating ingredient lists, sometimes you don't know what you're eating!

If you a) want more variety from your vegan cheese, b) would prefer to know what's in it and c) fancy saving a bit of money, why not give vegan cheesemaking a try this year? Our KindAcademy course, from the award-winning makers of Kinda Co. vegan cheese, is an online course in plant-based cheesemaking where we spill all our secrets. And don't worry - it's easier than you think...

Discover the full potential of vegan cheese

Here at Kinda Co., vegan cheese isn't just a hobby - it's our passion and our livelihood! We've worked for years to create award-winning plant-based cheeses that satisfy your cravings and amp up your meals. Our artisan cheeses have won five Great Taste Awards to show for it.

Along the way, we've discovered all kinds of ways to make truly exceptional vegan cheeses - crafting not just great flavour, but amazing variety as well. No more plasticky slices! From using live cultures and smoking your cheeses, to developing real rinds and a gooey cheese sauce, the possibilities are endless.

The thing is, we want to help people make the switch to a plant-based diet - or have a better time dealing with lactose intolerance. So we don't want to keep everything to ourselves. That's why we started KindAcademy.

Introducing KindAcademy's vegan cheese courses

Our KindAcademy courses are online, pre-recorded video lessons on how to craft the best vegan cheese you've ever eaten. Learning this skill will allow you to take full control of what goes into your food, and enjoy delicious, nutrient-dense vegan cheese. You can learn in your own time, and you'll have the videos on-hand for whenever you need to refer back.

We'll take you through vegan cheese basics and the fundamentals of achieving proper cheesy flavours, before moving on to the actual recipes. And that's where the real fun comes in - we're talking brie, creamy blue, smoked cheddar, ricotta and even fondue!

Learning to make your own cheese isn't just empowering - you'll eventually get comfy with customising texture and flavours to your own liking, and experiment with new stuff. It's a great way to get creative in the kitchen!

Meet the teacher

A lifelong cheese addict, Kinda Co. founder Ellie Brown believes that ditching dairy doesn’t mean sacrificing flavour. In 2017, Ellie started experimenting with dairy-free alternatives - and soon outgrew her home kitchen! Now a thriving company, Kinda Co.'s artisan cheeses have won 5 Great Taste Awards and are sold all over food markets in London and the South West, as well as nationwide via their online shop.

Everyone knows a great teacher is passionate about their subject - and no one gets more fired up about the intricacies of plant-based cheesemaking than Ellie! She brings her love for cheese to every lesson, and her approachable, clear teaching style will make you feel comfortable with cheesemaking in no time.

What's covered in our vegan cheesemaking courses

Decided to take the leap? Take a look at what's covered in our two different courses. If you've never made vegan cheese before, we recommend starting with Volume One. Volume Two covers more advanced cultured cheeses and ageing.

Volume One: Quick Cheese

About: 28 Lessons, available here

Price: £99.00

Recipes: Parmesan ~ Cream Cheese ~ Fondue ~ Ricotta ~ Baked Camembert ~ Feta ~ Cheddar ~ Round Cashew Cheese ~ Mozzarella Balls ~ Lemon Cheesecake. 

This class is a great starting point if you're new to making vegan cheeses. The course starts with an introductory module called 'The Good, The Bad, and The Plastic'. Then, you’ll learn all the foundational knowledge needed for making cheese from vegan ingredients, as well as ten quick and absolutely delicious recipes. 

These cheese recipes can all be made in a day. From Cheddar to Mozzarella,  Feta to a Baked Camembert, and even a Lemon Cheesecake - you'll build a toolbox of deliciousness.

Volume Two: Cultured Cheeses

About: 22 Lessons, available here

Price: £79.00

Recipes: Brie ~ Creamy Blue ~ Hard Smoked Cheddar ~ Garlic + Herb Roule ~ Truffle Shaped Cheese ~ Cultured Cream Cheese ~ Making Cultures

After you’ve mastered the basics, it’s time to level up your skills with this course in more advanced vegan cheesemaking. Volume Two will take you through the whole cheesemaking process, from making your own culture to ageing your cheeses, and even growing a bloomy brie rind!

Wondering what the difference is between Volume 1 and Volume 2? These vegan recipes use more advanced techniques of culturing and ageing and can take days to weeks to make. To add to your growing repertoire, you’ll learn to make additional cheese recipes, including Smoked Cheddar Cheese and Creamy Blue.

How it works

Once you purchase a course, you'll have instant access to all the pre-recorded course videos, so you can watch them at a time that suits you. We also create bonus content such as live recipes and Q&As - also all recorded, so you won't miss a thing!

The best part about the online curriculum is you don’t have to worry about forgetting key points from an in-person class. You can always refer back to the videos, recipes, and notes in your own time.

The recipes

Each vegan cheese recipe comes in video form, with an accompanying PDF and recipe card to show you exactly how to recreate the cheeses for yourself. In Volume Two you'll also learn to make your own starter culture, a fundamental part of vegan cheese and fermentation. These are the building blocks for your plant-based cheese future! 

What you’ll need

The great thing about our KindAcademy courses is that they can be done at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home. To prepare, you’ll need a few trusty cheesemaking supplies. 


You'll need a high-speed blender and a food processor for recipes in each curriculum. Other useful items you may already have are:

  • Tupperware containers
  • A spatula
  • A small round tin or silicone mould (useful, but in a pinch, you will likely be able to use something you already have)


This course will focus on nut-based vegan cheese recipes. Cashew nuts are the primary base for the cheeses, while all other ingredients, such as nutritional yeast, are relatively easy to find. In addition, where ingredient substitutions are available, they'll be listed on the recipe notes. 

For the brie and blue cheeses, you'll need specific cheese cultures. These can be bought online. A list of recommended suppliers will be included in the course.

Our online support community

Want to share your successes or talk through challenges? With KindAcademy, you'll have access to a private online support community where you can meet fellow classmates, share a finished cheese and ask any questions!

Give the gift of vegan cheesemaking

Know someone who sorely misses cheese? Give the gift of a KindAcademy course, and watch your loved one flourish into a plant-based cheesemaker extraordinaire. We offer the option to give our courses as gift vouchers, which you can send to your dairy-free recipient instantly.

Check out KindAcademy and learn a new skill today

Ready to take the plunge? Sign up for a vegan cheesemaking masterclass here. And if you ever want to take the easy option, there’s always the trusty Kinda Co. Shop for online vegan cheese delivery, straight to your doorstep.

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