Kinda Co. won an award for "Innovation in food'

Kinda Co. have won the Innovation Category of the Speciality Food Magazine New Producer Awards!! When our founder Ellie entered in June she wasn’t sure if she stood a chance. Vegan cheese is pretty niche out in the wider world of food brands in general, so when they got in touch to say Kinda Co had been shortlisted in August we were delighted.

Ellie sent off some samples to the judges and didn’t know if she’d hear back, so when we received the news that we’d won we were absolutely over the moon!! To receive an award based on merit, from a publication whose job it is to know about good food is pretty mind blowing. It also shows that dairy-free cheese doesn’t just appeal to vegans, or the plant-based inclined - it can be enjoyed by everyone!!

Thank you to Speciality Food Magazine and to every one that has supported us along the way, it means so, so much. Now excuse us as we are immediately print off some business cards proclaiming that we are AWARD WINNING CHEESEMAKERS!